Technology Professionals Limited is the representative and the anchor of the Bryte brand of digital devices in Nigeria. We are known for quality, affordable and state-of-the-art consumer appliances, digital devices and consultancy services in Nigeria. Technology Professionals Limited has been in operations since 2005 and was duly incorporated in 2010 as a private limited liability company. We have over the years etched out a solid reputation both with the major ICT hardware manufacturers and supporters, by its high level of expertise in the deployment of Information Technology hardware and software solutions to various organizations. Our relationship with the major manufacturers coupled with investing in highly qualified professionals has positioned us in enhancing business processes of our various esteemed customers in competitive and efficient manner.

Technology Professionals Limited has introduced several tablet devices in Nigeria – ranging from Bryte Android 9.7 and 8.0 and 7.0 inches with latest version of Android Operating Systems. Over the years now, there has been a major break in tablet ownership not just for the high class but also made available for all gadget lovers irrespective of class and status. Thus, part of our vision is already gaining grounds. Bryte Study 1 device is particularly built to enhance learning and convenience. Providing users with multi-touch colour display, high density multi-media, Wi-Fi technology, for work and for play, a complete work station with long lasting battery life, flash drive usage and ultra-fast web browsing experience.

At Technology Professionals Limited, our key/paramount focus is on quality and affordability, which to say the least guarantees a brand's unique position among its competitors and largely in the psyche of the public- both of which are very important to users. It's a fact that since the release of premium brand tablets PCs, a significant percentage of Nigerians thought of owning one due to affordability and convenience.